Under the Silver Lake ★★

Random stripper asks Andrew Garfield: What's your job, what do you do?
Me, leaning forward on the sofa: Answer the fucking question
Andrew Garfield: *mumbles incoherently*
Me: *shouts angrily spraying pringles everywhere*

This film was so frustrating. I'm rolling around with a protagonist who is wrapped up in his own paranoid fantasy and I honestly can't stand the guy. He stinks of skunk, can't pay his rent and he rocks up to parties in pyjamas and women continuously throw themselves at him.

Maybe it was just too impenetrable for my feeble mind. Maybe my hating the guy is the point of everything...

The only redeeming thing is that his mum likes Janet Gaynor and the soundtrack was incredible but transplanted from a better film. That's it.

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