Parasite ★★★★★

The U.K appeared to be late to the Parasite party, especially where I live. My local cinema didn’t show it until after it crushed the Oscar’s, so going in to watch it for the first time earlier this year, which feels like a life time ago, my expectations were through the roof. I would honestly say my expectations were unfairly high as I took my seat in a surprisingly packed screening room, and still, this film knocked my socks off. It was phenomenal. The direction, the editing, the twist and turns, all of it, mwah, biggest chef’s kiss.

Rewatching it today my expectations were somehow higher than before. I was planning to just watch the film on a not-so-legal streaming site but I figured this deserves to be seen properly, so I forked out £10 because I was so excited to truly indulge myself in this iconic picture. While watching I kept an eye out for all the little things that truly make or break a movie, rewinded and replayed certain sequences to break them down further - to hopefully appreciate them further. And under the microscope...This. Film. Did. Not. Disappoint.

Seriously, Parasite, you’re a masterpiece sweetie, and don’t you know it. And don’t we know it. Big 10/10.

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