The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger ★★★★

Ever since The Lone Ranger came out almost a decade ago I heard that it was a failed Pirates of the Caribbean rip off and a waste of time. Basing my actions off this negative word of mouth I haven’t ever went near the movie or thought of watching it...until tonight. It popped up on t.v and being slightly too lazy to get up and change the channel I thought what the hell, Armie Hammer, Johnny Depp, how bad can it really be? It turns out, not bad at all.

The Lone Ranger may not have replicated the same success as Pirates but it does have a lot of qualities that made that franchise so originally appealing: spectacle, comedy, adventure and a great Johnny Depp performance of course. Depp’s really enjoyable here just being so, I don’t know, Johnny-Deppy?, he just absolutely works in this world. He’s perfectly measured, over the top but simultaneously grounded and his partnership with Armie Hammer (who’s also great) was definitely my favourite part of the movie. They're interesting and comedic together, playing off each other effortlessly. Their dynamic was just great.

The Lone Ranger is not without its faults obviously. It can drag a little bit with some cliché dialogue and slow moments from time to time but I felt that whenever we fell in to a trough a peak was never far off - with those peaks growing and growing until the film capped off with a spectacular train chase and a well earned ride off in to the sunset. 

Watching The Lone Ranger after all this time done one thing mainly and that was reinforcing the idea to make your own mind up on things. Listening to the masses is probably not a clear gauge on whether you will or will not enjoy something. It goes without saying but experiencing something for yourself is always the best way to go.

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