Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey ★★★★½

If I die, you can have my Megadeth collection.

So dumb it's a masterpiece. This movie is life to me. Everything I love about rock music, cinema, and the 90's is in this movie.

It has Keanu Reeves.
It has young Keanu sporting a John Wick beard.
It has Death.
It has Bill and Ted play Death in a series of board games in a loving homage to one of the greatest scenes in cinematic history.
It has air guitars.
It has evil clone robots.
It's loaded with humor so preposterously stupid you can't help but laugh at everything.
It has "the babes."
It has Heaven.
It has Hell.
It has God.
It has Satan.
It has a telephone booth time machine.
It has George Carlin.
It manages to throw joke after joke at you without being repetitive.
It is one of the funniest "bro dude rocker" comedies I have ever seen.

Please don't screw this up with Bill & Ted 3. I beg you. Don't destroy this beautiful legacy. This is cinema at its finest. One of the most underrated comedies ever made.

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