Commando ★★★★½

If I were to pick one film that defines everything about 1980's action cinema, I would have to pick Commando. It has all the 80's tropes possible: non-stop one liners, awesome action, explosions that would make Michael Bay cream his pants, and of course Arnold "Governator" Schwarzenegger. His thick Austrian accent is the definitive voice of late 20th century action films, and it still roars fairly strongly today.

The first thing I noticed when watching this was the striking similarities the plot has to Taken, except this kidnapping was intentional and the girl's return was promised. Both films feature badass daddies out to kick serious butt, and there's even some underlying treachery going on in both stories. But I would surmise that Commando is the (obviously) superior film, if only for the fact that it has Schwarzenegger in it. But there's just so much more in this film that I loved than there was in Taken. I can sit through all the Liam Neeson films I want without really caring about them (and he's done a few films I've hated) but I've never seen a Schwarzenegger film I didn't at least like to a small extent. Even at his worst, Schwarzenegger is such a charming action star- he delivers one liners like no one else can, and he perfected the indestructible man of action film. Let's just hope I don't have to eat my words next month when Terminator Genisys comes out.

Aside from the Terminator films, this is probably the best Schwarzenegger film I've seen yet. I love Last Action Hero and adore Predator, yet Commando has something that neither of those films have. Yes, it borderlines on self-parody with ridiculous(ly awesome) explosions and has one liners that are cheesier than a Kraft factory, but these things and more are what make this film so amazing. The unrelenting suspense and action are what really keep this film up, and the soundtrack defines the 1980's for me. It is the perfect action film.

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