Macbeth ★★★★★

Finally. Justin Kurzel has finally delivered the dark, gritty, and bloody adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth that we've all been waiting for. But he brings us so much more than just grit and gore. Oh yes, the cinematography is simply spot on perfection, it's a crime that this film wasn't nominated for that alone. When Fassbender wins the Oscar this year, I'm going to pretend that it's for this film, because he was nothing short of amazing.

Bursting with energy, looming with dread, and reeking of all the traditional dialogue necessary, Kurzel's Macbeth brings about one of the most visceral and gorgeously realized adaptations of the Scotland tale in cinematic history. The set designs were superb, the soundtrack was absolutely stellar, and Fassbender and Marion Cotillard blend together better than oil and vinegar. This adaptation relentlessly assaults the eyes with a nonstop glorious parade of cinematography, never disappointing my eyes with its jaw-dropping scopes and shots.

Macbeth is probably my second favorite Shakespeare play, right next to Hamlet, but this adaptation, without a doubt, beats every other Shakespeare film I've seen into a bloody pulp. It's a brutally realized and unrelentingly gorgeous masterwork that never ceased to amaze me. Each moment feels as unforgettably paced as the next, building its momentum until it brings the audience back in for a completely spellbinding conclusion.

Masterfully shot and accompanied by two intoxicating performances, Justin Kurzel's Macbeth is definitive proof that Shakespeare can be adapted to the screen without losing a certain mood in the story during the transition. It has a certain wide blockbuster-type feeling in the production, yet not a single moment made me feel like I was watching anything other than a Shakespeare adaptation. Nothing is lost, and so much more is gained, as a matter of fact. It's a riveting and unrelenting depiction of one of the best masterpieces from one of the best playwrights in history. Not to mention a serious Oscar snub this year.

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