Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ★★★★½

My word.

The Final Chapter is a perfect trashterpiece. It's like a primer on how not to choreograph action sequences while somehow maintaining some level of competent cinematography periodically. I don't think a single cut lasted much longer than ten to fifteen seconds- the camera is constantly moving, shaking, or sweeping around so that we're not allowed to focus on a single thing for too long, presumably to ensure that adrenaline is constantly coursing through the entire body. It's like a car wreck- horrifying and ugly, but you can't help but stare on. To think, that Paul W.S. Anderson has somehow managed to make six of these films and for them to almost consistently remain enjoyable while simultaneously admitting its own incongruity.

And now, here we have... this. The Revenge of the Sith of Anderson's landmark saga. He ditches the majority of his graceful action style in favor of a Marvelesque shaking camera style infused with a healthy dose of crack cocaine. And forget about the continuity. The timeline Anderson replaced the end of Retribution with here is far more versatile, making for a much more fleshed out and satisfying plot that feels like a fitting end to a long-running story that we've become so well-acquainted with. So many things are in here that would feel so disjointed in any other franchise that have never before felt so right. The Final Chapter is some of the most enjoyable trash I've ever seen. Take me home, indeed.

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