Trumbo ★★★½

I've never really understood the point in disliking celebrities because of their personal lives. If they make good movies for entertainment value, what's the point in talking about their personal lives? Sure, Tarantino's a jerkwad sometimes, but I still love seeing his films. As long as the films they make don't get obnoxiously political, I could care less if they're straight or gay, Communist or Republican.

We've definitely come a long way from the Blacklist of the 1940's, when certain people's opinions were viewed as volatile and dangerous to the wellbeing of the country. There's a ridiculous sense of paranoia that looms about these characters, making me wonder at all why they really care. At the center of everyone is Helen Mirren, playing Devil's Advocate to Dalton Trumbo's career opportunities. She is presented as a sort of villainous character without any real motives. All she really wants is to watch the world burn. It's a shame that her character wasn't in the film enough, I honestly felt she was sorely underused.

Bryan Cranston, however, gives a fabulous knockout performance as the title character. His accent was spot on, and he pretty much disappeared into the role for me. Had he not been in this, if someone else had been playing Dalton Trumbo, I honestly feel that this film would have fallen completely flat. I give major props to Cranston for taking an ironically subpar script and making it something at least a little worthwhile. Oh, and whoever played Kirk Douglas absolutely nailed it. That guy can do a perfect impression, he should be hired for a Michael Douglas biopic or something.

Bryan Cranston is my runner up behind Michael Fassbender for Best Actor. I'll be happy if either of them win for their respective performances, because both of them were absolutely delightful. Behind a flawed story and script, Cranston shines on his own. Trumbo was a biopic that certainly could have been handled better, but Bryan Cranston wins for pushing through everything and still coming out on top. He definitely deserved that nomination.

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