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  • The French Connection

    The French Connection


    Film School Drop Outs 2020

    Week 7 - Oscars - Best Picture Winner

    This was on my personal watchlist for a while just because I absolutely knew I would adore the film. I was right. Obviously it's a delight to watch Gene Hackman get unhinged, but it's more fun to watch him spin around in circles, always on the edge of catching the bad guy. Absolutely floored by his performance, which ranks up there with The Conversation.

    The real highlight…

  • The Goddess

    The Goddess


    Film School Drop Outs 2020

    Week 6 - Actor - Lily Yuen

    I've been slipping on this challenge again this year, so with this quarantine in effect, let me try and do some catch up. The Goddess is the appropriately depressing tale of a prostitute trying to raise her son to fit within society's expectations, while being ostracized by society. Moments of reprieve are often met with a dour turn of events almost immediately. Even the film's ending is the…

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  • Tetsuo: The Iron Man

    Tetsuo: The Iron Man


    The future is metal!

    There are few movies as grimy and dirty as the blood, sweat, and oil in Tetsuo: The Iron Man. Don't expect clear answers in terms of what the hell is going on until closer to the end, but I've always taken the movie (and many of Shinya Tsukamoto's works) to be very direct in its themes. In this case, the obsession with technology and a future that is leading to what most would identify as a…

  • Blood Machines

    Blood Machines


    It sure is pretty...and when it goes full Carpenter Brut for the score it's some good Carpenter Brut.

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  • Capone



    Was it worth it?!

    CAPONE is utterly hypnotic in its exploration of a bad man at the end of his rope. Al Capone is haunted by a past of violence and bloodshed while trapped in a constant state of paranoia - only amplified by dementia. All of this grotesquely performed by Tom Hardy with an entrancing abrasiveness. The entire supporting cast is doing great work here too, especially Linda Cardellini.

    Also this movie is hilarious.

  • Hold the Dark

    Hold the Dark


    This is a black metal movie through and through. A different, more meditative beast compared to the barnburner that GREEN ROOM was.

    Seen at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival.