La Haine

La Haine ★★★★

Wow... this film is so incredibly relevant right now, I mean it’s kind of eerie just how relevant it still is. When I first looked up this film I saw that it translated into “hate” which couldn’t have been a more fitting title. 

La Haine gives us a deeply tragic and uncompromising look at how some people live, this is literally their lives. The system has failed them and they see no other choice, cause their voices are not being heard. The subject matter of this film is as we know, still very relevant today.

My thoughts on this is that there are obviously good cops, but they almost get “overshadowed” by the bad ones. The bad ones are usually *VERY* bad. I find it absolutely repulsive and it makes me sick to my stomach knowing that a lot of people like this have the kind of power and authority they have. That’s all i’m going to say about it for now, cause that’s something we can talk about for ages.

I wouldn’t say this is a film that I “enjoyed” in the traditional sense. I did have some issues with it. It took me quite a while to get into the story and characters, so the film didn’t really grab me for the first half hour or so. This will probably be better on a rewatch, to know where the story goes and you can just watch how it all unfolds. I noticed a nice little touch towards the ending. That being how only one minute can have a significant role in how a situation develops and suddenly gets very serious.

As I said, La Haine will probably be better on a rewatch but I still thought it was great!

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