Beware the Gonzo

Beware the Gonzo ★★

There is a B plot in this in which agross kid who has no personality traits beyond the fact that he had a fetish for fat girls/girls with disabilities/ girls who are not conventionally 'beautiful’ etc... and for some ungodly reason all these girls are into him as well (presumably because the man who wrote it assumes girls like that have no self respect and would just be flattered a guy wanted to fuck them, regardless of how revolting he is)

Everyone is super weirded out by him, calling the girls he dates names like 'elephant man' which pisses him off. So I'm like, ok great, maybe he'll talk about how their worth as a person is not determined by their appearances or the fact that boys think they are fuckable or or something along those lines which is kind of cliche but i am here for it. But no, he basically decides to take a bunch of provocative photos of the girls, publish pictures of them in the school newspaper and is like 'SEE EVERYONE these girls can be objectified in the exact same way as we objectify all other girls! Don't balance their worth on the fact that they aren't what you usually wank over... cos if you just opened your mind you'd see that underneath all the body braces they have boobs as well! So who is the real winner here, you who was grossed out by them, or ME the guy who is hitting all that?'

So liberating. I've never seen something so clearly written by a man in my LIFE

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