Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas ★★★★★

Everything works in this film--though the ending is a little off base.

Robby Muller gets some of the greatest footage of the Tex/Mex border ever, Ry Cooder makes one of the greatest soundtracks in film history, and every actor is solid, vibrant, and engaging in this film--even the kid.

This was the film we all wanted to see when it came out because it was the cool Wim Wenders, the incredible Ry Cooder, and the amazing Sam Shepard writing it. Plus Harry Dean Stanton played one of the greatest anti-heroes in film history:

When Dean Stockwell stops Travis in his walk, points out the the magnificent Texas landscape and says "There's nothing out there!", then Wim and Robby cut to the landscape where, to my eyes, there's EVERYTHING there, it defines what's going wrong in American consumers capitalist culture in the Reagan era.

For me, the long monologues at the end are excessive and just the idea that a woman as gorgeous as Nastasia Kinski would marry Harry Dean Stanton--these are not resolved in the film. But who cares?