Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★★

This film had every reason to be bad or lame: It's the third Thor film about the destruction of Asgard that turned a whole people into refugees forever, it has to sustain both an Avengers' Civil War and an upcoming Infinity War, has to introduce new characters on a garbage planet, and Taika wanted to make it a rollicking romp of a comedy as a palate cleanser after fairly serious films that year.

And it's a masterpiece because Taika trusts both his characters and himself and lets it come to him. Is it wacky and ridiculous? Of course! All you have to do is re-watch the first two "Thor" movies for the stately near-Shakespearean dramatic tensions of the forces that influenced Asgard, Loki, and Thor, and then spend ten seconds in this film with Thor hanging in a cage with a skeleton.

What this film really shows is that Marvel has a talented and visionary producer in Kevin Feige that he sees Hemsworth's comic talent and wants to apply it here in a whole new farce made by an outrageous director.

And even if they lucked out and the idea caught fire, there are still so many ways this could've gone wrong by bringing in disparate actors like Jeff Goldblum to improvise his scenes in that cheap HS-prop-closet robe. We should be rolling our eyes at how lame that is. But we don't.