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  • Sex and Fury

    Sex and Fury


    For the blood-spattered Hanafuda cards and the most righteous looking kill face I’ve ever seen (while topless!).

  • Once Upon a Time in China

    Once Upon a Time in China


    Wow this is one janky looking dvd. I could just about count the pixels from 10 feet away. I clearly haven’t watched this in the HD era. Time for an upgrade.

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  • Gumby: The Movie

    Gumby: The Movie


    Never captures the magic of the 1950s episodes. Has some dependable pre-school body horror when all of the characters get mashed into a multi-headed wad and have to be separated in a Gumby-style Brundle pod. There are enough characters that are mouthpiecees for grumpy old man ranting that my 4yo and I almost quit out. Thankfully we didn't because the last act is a long homage to Terminator 2 and Empire Strikes Back.

    I also love that Gumby raises a…

  • Madhouse



    "It isn't really strong, this death instinct. It's only needed once."

    Bookended by a memorable opening and closing, with Price as a washed-up horror star meta-soliloquizing on his role as a horror icon, type-casting and the purpose of the films he is best known for, but everything in between is a slog. Especially in contrast to the Corman Poe clips used throughout and the references to Price's Phibes character. I wanted to see the movie hinted at in the beginning, with an aging star coming to terms with his young wife's suprise reveal adult film background.