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  • Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold

    Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold


    Cute kiddy fare. Some deep cut references for Batfans (the purple gloves on the early costume) and Jeffery Coomb’s Question is always welcome. Not as fun as the bloodier and less kid friendly TMNT crossover film from some of the same team.

  • Dick Tracy

    Dick Tracy


    A really gorgeous blend of bright primary color photography, high-tech matte paintings that are happy to look like what they are, and Basket Case level prosthetic makeup that stands up to full lighting and somehow allow for character performances. I wish they would have put some slap on Beatty to sharpen up that nose and make him more bullet-headed (Tracy is just as freakish looking as his rogues gallery in the strip). A bit stagnant in the latter half but a confection.

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  • Gumby: The Movie

    Gumby: The Movie


    Never captures the magic of the 1950s episodes. Has some dependable pre-school body horror when all of the characters get mashed into a multi-headed wad and have to be separated in a Gumby-style Brundle pod. There are enough characters that are mouthpiecees for grumpy old man ranting that my 4yo and I almost quit out. Thankfully we didn't because the last act is a long homage to Terminator 2 and Empire Strikes Back.

    I also love that Gumby raises a…

  • Madhouse



    "It isn't really strong, this death instinct. It's only needed once."

    Bookended by a memorable opening and closing, with Price as a washed-up horror star meta-soliloquizing on his role as a horror icon, type-casting and the purpose of the films he is best known for, but everything in between is a slog. Especially in contrast to the Corman Poe clips used throughout and the references to Price's Phibes character. I wanted to see the movie hinted at in the beginning, with an aging star coming to terms with his young wife's suprise reveal adult film background.