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  • Suitable Flesh

    Suitable Flesh


    A love letter to both Stuart Gordon and H.P. Lovecraft, a fun and gory neo-exploitation work reminiscent of good old video nasties, psychological horror and demonic possessions. Heather Graham (Twin Peaks, Scream 2 et al.) and scream queen Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator, From Beyond, Castle Freak) are fantastic in this, the practical splatter FX are great and the mystical atmosphere is accompanied with cheesy sex scenes: Weird and a bit silly at times, but overall very enjoyable.

    Joe Lynch, if you're…

  • The Devil Rides Out

    The Devil Rides Out


    This occult horror film about satanic rituals, a society of devil worshipers and hypnotism would probably have been a lot better if it was made a few years later, in the Exploitation era of the 70's. But even though it's pretty much bloodless and the special effects seem to be very outdated (even for the late 60's) it still has great imagery, costumes and sets – and, of course, the great Sir Christopher Lee.
    Arguably one of the best classic…

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  • Barfly



    «Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.»

    He's living in a run-down social housing apartment, where by day he's listening to classical music, while sucking on a bottle of booze and writing poems or short stories, unless he's stealing some food and wine from the neighbor's room.
    In the evening he's heading to the next bar nearby, where he keeps on drinking and where he's trading some insults with barkeep Eddy (played by Sly's younger…

  • Bliss



    Finally got myself vaccinated. It got me a fever for two nights. All by myself, bored, the artist in me wanting to create, but beeing too exhausted, my body wanting to sleep, but couldn't --- so I rolled myself a spliff and fired up this stroboscopic mofo of a f*cking hell ride:

    "Bliss" is a psychedelic, drug induced, bloody gore trip into madness, with colorful, flashing arthouse imagery somewhere between Gaspar Noé, young Abel Ferarra and classy Dario Argento, screaming…