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  • Nenette and Boni

    Nenette and Boni


    needs more sibling sexual tension

  • Trouble Every Day

    Trouble Every Day


    A literal sexual appetite. Contrast: a hard push and a slow pull; Denis rips through flesh and paints the veins beneath the skin with the most gentle and finite of brush strokes. These walls breathe and these streets scream. She has the gift of giving life to surfaces, and creating doomed space around them where whatever life manages to exist, seems to hold more weight than it feels any other filmmaker can dream of.

    an alternative title for the film is 'Gargoyle', which brings my interest to certain images more than they would have otherwise-

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  • Sombre



    Darkness all encompassing, suffocating, but not constrictive. Grandrieux's effects grant life on his screen the greatest gift it could receive, which is the lack of boundary. Lines are blurred, borders ripped from the screen- nothing to prevent impending doom from probing in and out like a strobe light. It's anywhere and everywhere, and focus is the focus only when man chooses to tighten his grip on whatever poor soul wandered into his fractured perspective that night. Light has no restriction from entering, it just dares not to.

    Some of the scariest images I've seen on film.

  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    Possibly one of those films entitled to a rewatch and possibly one of those films I'll deprive of such.