Housebound ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

This is a pretty damn fun horror-comedy with some interesting subversion of the usual 'women in peril' tropes that you normally see in horror films. Morgana O'Reilly, who plays Kylie, plays it all like the ' 'supernatural' events around her are more inconveniencing for her than actually scaring her or anything of the sort. It definitely works in this film that's all about the silliness. This is certainly far more of a comedy film than it is a horror film, but that doesn't mean that it holds back on it. There's some cool atmospheric moments in this film, and some really good gore. But it's clearly meant to be more entertaining than it is meant to be terrifying and it's a very entertaining horror movie. This, obviously, was never going to be the second coming of Evil Dead 2, arguably, both, the greatest horror/comedy film and horror sequel all at once, but it didn't have to be. There were some moments that certainly reminded me of ED2, but this isn't near that. The good thing about this movie, however, it how it jumps from genre to genre almost at the drop of a hat. It goes from supernatural, to gory, to murder mystery/suspense, domestic drama. And, you know what, for all the jumping around it did, it actually kind of worked in its favor because it's all to the benefit of the story they're trying to tell. It's not done randomly for no reason whatsoever, there's a purpose behind it. Somehow it also doesn't come across as incredibly jarring when these tonal shifts come into play, it's kind of an amazing thing really. This being the exception, every time a film jumps back and forth between different tones or genres, it's been a complete detriment. I suppose Save the Green Planet would count too as films where it actually didn't hurt the film. But that's two off the top of my head that I can think of where it doesn't hurt the movie at all, in fact, it strengthens it. So that definitely gets some props. The film is solidly cast, nothing to complain about on that front and there's some pretty witty moments here, I honestly can't even complain about much in the film at all. I mean it's not great or anything of the sort, which is the biggest "flaw" I can actually point out, but that's about it. This is a pretty damn entertaining movie that horror geeks will definitely enjoy. I'd recommend it.