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  • Charlie's Angels

    Charlie's Angels


    The quintessential Hollywood product, this action packed comedy features a trio of powerful women being gorgeous, having fun and kicking ass. Though it exploits Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu as sex symbols, dressed in either tight leather or cleavage-exposing tops (occasionally both), the film remains safe and fails to offend. In truth, these three are confident, truly beautiful women; why shouldn’t they be allowed to present this presence on screen?

    Great chemistry between the female detectives is apparent…

  • The Cabin in the Woods

    The Cabin in the Woods


    With all the typical characters - jock, cheerleader, nice guy, nerdy girl and stoner - vacating in a remote Cabin in the Woods as the focal point of the narrative, it would be easy to condemn The Cabin in the Woods as a clichéd rip-off of The Evil Dead. However, its genius creators slowly reveal a meta-narrative full of incredible twists and confusing turns.

    The confusion is by no means in terms of poor writing, quite the opposite. The innovative…

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  • Across the Universe

    Across the Universe

    This mess of a musical is an awfully constructed homage to one of the greatest bands of all time. Similarly to the critically acclaimed ABBA musical, Mamma Mia, Across the Universe features the actor's and actresses covers of the classic Beatles' tracks. While most of them are barely bearable, some of the renditions absolutely destroy the emotion and beauty of the original.

    One of the film's main fault is that it is incapable of keeping up with the amount of…

  • Troll Hunter

    Troll Hunter


    Whilst humour is present throughout the film in it's dry Norwegian style, this dark fairy tale really carries itself with some superb tension.
    The excellent performances from the unknown stars are vital, alongside incredible visual effects, to ensure a natural and overwhelmingly real atmosphere for this fantastically unique piece of independent filmmaking.