Black Panther ★★★

As someone who has pretty much stopped caring for the MCU, their latest films are fixing alot of the issues that plagued the earlier entries, but at the same time, doubling down on their worst elements. The self-contained nature, with barely any references to outside MCU characters, was pretty refreshing, and the lack of constant gags was great too.

The big problem here is the same ones that apply to every single Marvel movie released in the last 3-4 years: too long, flat TV sitcom cinematography and garbage action sequences. Seriously, after coming off Creed, its really disappointing to see fight scenes that consist of cuts every 1-2 seconds, obviously covering up the actors lack of martial arts training. Its makes the combat sequences incomprehensible, and the other bigger set pieces are just weightless CGI moments that don't do anything new or interesting.

The first half feels pretty inconsequential to the second, mainly with everything to do with Andy Serkis' character feeling incredibly cut short, especially when he was my favourite part of the film - a villain played by an actor who was clearly having fun with the role, and actually created a memorable villain. Killmonger (Jordan) has some decent motivation, but T'Challa (Boseman) is such a bland/straightforward protagonist that their conflict never feels fully developed. A 2 and half hour film that felt like over 3 hours, Marvel really have to cut these down.

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