Alien ★★★½

This is one of the big sci-fi hit movies to enter the big screen in the 70's. Sure it can't live up to Star Wars mega success and record braking gross over the world, but did a solid job. It had some qualities but doesn't live quite up to the over the top hype. Ridley Scott is a great director and made this movie a classic and i shall regard the movie as such.

It all starts with a standard exploration ship landing on a moon which looks like Jupiter. They locate a ship with some unearthly content and design. One of the scientists get's attacked by a small alien and put into a coma. They later discovers that the alien has an acid-like fluid used for blood. When the small alien is gone and the scientist wakes up an alien pops out of his tummy and dies and the alien escapes. They now has to survive from the dark and powerful alien...

The movie is good but is a bit predictable, and some of the characters aren't as smart as they should be. The acting is not that good and some of the effects are cheap, even for the 70's. But it's still a good movie and belongs with the top sci-fi movies.