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  • SuperFly



    The fight choreography/filming was sooo good, I wish this had just gone a more action route but I felt like it had too much of a dramatic focus which ended up bogging the filmdown. It felt too slow paced overall. Because it didn’t just go full Scarface crazy, it felt like nobody involved in this movie has ever met a woman irl. The cat-fighting as humor and ridiculous mantasy relationship (not b/c they were poly, but the dynamics of that relationship = lol no) just felt mean. Where it really lost me was at the melting machine scene that was disgusting

  • Midnight Sun

    Midnight Sun

    What if you went to meet your S.O.’s father and it was Rob Riggle lol

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  • The Cloverfield Paradox

    The Cloverfield Paradox


    It's like a Black Mirror episode, but longer and not as good

  • Hereditary



    Wow. I’ve never been one to really worry about trigger warnings, but seriously trigger warning on this movie! So intense.

    I think this is a very personal film in the sense that everyone can have a different takeaway, and I’m really excited to read what other people got out of it. It’s chock full of so much stuff, definitely you can get more and more out of it on multiple viewings, probably to infinity. 

    My takeaway was: trauma. It conveyed…