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  • A Night to Remember

    A Night to Remember


    The Titanic doesn't need a love story to be interesting. It doesn't need Hollywood stars. All the essential conflict, irony, and notoriety are all inherent in the legend of the Titanic itself.

    The task, therefore, is: how does one dramatize a legend that everyone knows? A Night to Remember does so by stripping it down the bare facts - the night, the chilling cold, a trolley quivering in a lavish restaurant, a little boy screaming for his mother, the ice…

  • Porco Rosso

    Porco Rosso


    It turns out I tend to like Hayao Miyazaki far better when his stories adhere more closely to a traditional Western format. I'm not sure exactly why that is - a cultural preference, I suppose (but odd, as I've enjoyed Kurosawa and Ozu films, even when unorthodox).

    In any case, Porco Rosso is an absolutely lovely film, bursting with imagination and a painterly eye for cinema. It relies rather too heavily on a few over-worn Hollywood cliches to create its…

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  • God's Not Dead

    God's Not Dead


    Evil Atheist Professor standing in rain.


    Dad: "Haha maybe he'll get hit by lightning."

    *Car slams into professor*

    Dad: "Oh."

  • The Lego Movie

    The Lego Movie


    If someone has not used the phrase "everything is awesome" to describe this movie, they should. Because that would be clever, and I bet no one's thought of that.