The Dead Don't Die ★★★

This has its charms, but in the end each thread peters off into, well, the inevitable resolution of practically every zombie flick. Some lazy jokes (suddenly breaking the fourth wall can be done cleverly, or it can be done like an SNL skit - here it's the latter), and characters who seem to exist just to convey plot details (not sure what we're to make of the teenagers who lay out the Political Implications of the plot or Tom Waits's hobo narrator) round out what ends up being a fairly straightforward film.

There are good points. Driver and Murray are a fine double act, though the dialogue doesn't always live up to their deadpan talents. I'm surprised that it's never occurred to me before how Driver's slouchy, relaxed underacting owes such a debt to Murray. He seems like the obvious heir to Murray's snarky legacy. But nothing here allows them to reach the heights of what they can do.