Moxie ★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

ok so....i think the main mistake that they made with this film was making vivian the protagonist and not lucy. in addition, this film did a lot of talk about intersectionality but it fell short. for instance, how mitchell (the football player) treated lucy was not just because of misogyny - it was racism. like, yes, fuck the patriarchy, but also fuck racism, transphobia, and ableism - which were other issues that characters faced that were not completely addressed.

some other random notes:

- the writing was not the greatest
- why did they go on a date at a funeral home?
- vivian's frustration about her mom's new guy made 0 sense
- i had to google what moxie meant and they never fully addressed what it meant
- it seemed like they just had two girls randomly kiss with absolutely no context or build-up or anything, just to say "there's lesbian representation in this."
- i AM really glad that josie is in this
- the seth character was super cute

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