Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War

Okay, here’s a more concise and collected review. XD

First off, I loved it, okay? I watched it probably twenty times, and I'm going to watch it at least twenty more. It looks amazing. But I’m a little scared at the same time. If I get too hyped, and then it sucks… I will literally go die in a hole. I mean, Ragnarok I was pretty hyped for and it was a huge disappointment. But this? This is the film we’ve been waiting for for TEN YEARS. Ten. Years. So I’m more hyped than I have ever been for any movie. And if it’s bad… yeah. It won’t be pretty. Let me get this question out of the way: Where were Hawkeye and Ant-Man? What happened there? Also, why the heck did we get five gazillion shots of Doctor Strange and Tony and Vision and stuff but only ONE, I tell you, ONE of Bucky(yyyyyy)? No one should like Strange more than Bucky! Don’t worry Seb, I’ll avenge you if I must. I did appreciate how Tony was so… IDK, so not himself. It shows a whole different angle, not just joking around. T’Challa looked super in his element. Cap’s rogue look was epic. Oh, wait... he’s Nomad now apparently. SO COOL BUT I AM SCARED. Good ‘ole Sam and Peter were themselves. Loki looked cool, but I’m not too hype about him, it will probably be disappointing. And they get to meet the GUARDIANS!!!! AHHH!!!! Black Widow’s hair and Cap’s beard, those were cool, lol. Bucky’s hair is perfect as always, a little less greasy, which is nice. Anyway. The shots of those fields in what looked like Africa or something, those were super cool, and it gave me hope for something very different from the Civil War airport battle. Also, cinematography is beautiful. Color grading seemed better than usual, at least in some ways. I loved the music, how they used to original Avengers theme.
Yep, I’m too hype for this, I’ll admit, but… it makes me almost teary-eyed, to think about how far the MCU has come… how far the characters have come, the tech, the universe, the everything. But at the heart of it all, the characters are what shape the MCU and make it my family, my home, my favorite fandom. I am so excited for this.

P.S. Thanos looks a little fake out in the sunlight, I’ll admit.... STILL HYPEEE

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