Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★★

“Amazing. Everything you just said is wrong.” 

Wow. Wowowowowowowowowow. I am speechless. Breathless. So happy. This movie beat every expectation I had. It’s fantastic and brilliant. It is breathtakingly shot and the colors are beautiful and it’s splendidly written and acted. The character development with Rey and Kylo was amazing. I would just get so tense whenever their Force connection scenes came, it was SO cool. And the Finn and Rose subplot was pretty good and a lot of fun, despite the fact that Rose wasn’t my fave. (The opening sequence with her sister was amazing, though.) I liked that Luke wasn’t perfect. That he had flaws. And that, heartbreakingly, HE made Ben into Kylo Ren. I also did NOT expect Snoke to die.... Ben’s emotional rollercoaster is spectacular and yet depressing to watch. I really, really don’t get why people hate this so much. It’s amazing. My theater clapped and cheered a lot, like when Rose saved Finn, and when Kylo kills Snoke, etc. And whenever the Porgs came on, everyone was like, “awww” (which got annoying but whatever); and everyone clapped at the end. There are pros and cons to a responsive theater. Anyway. TFA, on the second watch, had me beaming the whole time. And now, I’m beaming thinking about this movie. I want to see it again in theaters sosososo SO much. I can’t even coherently describe my thoughts. And look, I know it doesn’t deserve five stars. Whatever. I loved it.

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