Us ★★★

So, I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’m definitely not as high on it as everyone else. Saying that though, Jordan Peele has crafted something special. The performances are fantastic, Lupita is coming for that second Oscar. Jordan really has a way of creating suspense, even though I have problems with it, I was always on the edge of my seat. I caught myself digging my fingernails into my skin quite a few times just to release some anxiety. The music is KILLER! It’s the best score I’ve heard this year, it’s probably my favorite part of the film. Ive seen a lot of people complaining about the ending but, it didn’t bother me, I quite enjoyed it actually. It felt a little tacked on but, impactful nonetheless. I can’t really go into what else I enjoyed about the film without spoilers so, I’ll stop there. Getting into my problems with the film, there’s one that I couldn’t shake throughout the whole film. There’s something that is explained to the audience that didn’t need to be explained. Leaving it ambiguous, would have been more effective. It’s brought up, A LOT throughout the movie so, it’s hard to get over. It just seems very out of place considering it’s the only time the film holds your hand, the rest is very showing not telling. (Apart from a little bit of exposition). The cinematography doesn’t really have a presence, the film looks a bit bland. There’s a particular shot that lingers near the end that is pretty ugly, (there’s also one towards the beginning to that’s stunning though). There’s a lot of humor sprinkled through the film, and most of it hits but, the occasional joke can break the tension, and take you out of the film. There is an aspect of the film that is completely left up to interpretation, and I’m excited to try and wrap my head around that though. I still really enjoyed this one, don’t go into it expecting Get Out 2, they’re wildly different films. I need to watch it again. p.s. Winston Duke can get it. 🥵🥰