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  • Avalon High

    Avalon High


    This is suck a guilty pleasure! I used to love this movie when I was younger. And I loved Will. It is definitely not the best movie I know off, but I can't help having a little nostalgia for it.

  • The Brothers Lionheart

    The Brothers Lionheart


    This is mostly nostalgia. I watched when I was little, and I still watch this whenever I feel like it.
    The funny thing about this is that it is so much death for being a children's movie.
    I also think about how great this would be for a remake.

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  • SPF-18



    I can't say I disliked it. I had a few issues with it. But over all it was an enjoyable film.

  • Safe Haven

    Safe Haven


    I like this movie! I don't care what other people say.