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This review may contain spoilers.

I will definitely have to watch it again, because I really want to like it more than I did. But I’m guessing that this is a movie that you need to see a couple of times before you understand it in the way that you can actually appreciate it more.

The thing that really made it harder to watch was the beginning. I don’t think that I’m the only one to think that it went way too fast. But it’s probably meant to be that way, because it’s a movie that needs to be seen more.

I for sure think that you should see this movie to make up an opinion for yourself, and also because it’s Christopher Nolan. 
The acting in this movie was very enjoyable. Once again Robert Pattinson does an amazing job!

I’m updating this a couple of days after seeing it in the cinemas. Now that I’ve actually had some time to think I like it a bit more. An example to why I like it more is because there’s stuff that you kind of have  to make up in your mind by yourself, like what is actually present time? 
And towards the ending when you get to see the perspectives your eyes kind of open up a bit more.
Anyways I’ll try to watch it as soon as possible.

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