Paint Drying

Paint Drying

hello everyone, just wanted to check in here because i haven't been on letterboxd in weeks.

i realized that my viewing experience was slowly getting reduced to just getting to log as many films as i can and trying to please everyone with my reviews and ratings. it felt like i was just watching films for the sake of it and not because i love to watch films and want to create films in the future. it also felt like i haven't been able to absorb and meditate on the films i've seen because as soon as i finish them i immediately need to decide on my review and rating and want to rush to the next film. it has become toxic for me to the point that i got tired of watching films so i had to let go of the site for a while.

also, i have just been able to switch my majors into film. it was really exciting yet overwhelming for me. it's also one of the reasons why i have been so inactive because there's just a lot of adjusting to do on my end. i have been watching a lot of great films and short films and though i have been able to log some of them, i can't remember some so i opted to not just log them. i have been enjoying my classes because this is really what i wanted to do. maybe in a few months, you'll be able to see my work!

hopefully, i get to at least log the films i've seen because i still want to keep track. i hope y'all are having a great day and been staying safe and sane. love y'all and i can't wait for my next break so i can be active on here again! <3

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