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  • The Handmaiden

    The Handmaiden


    tbh don't really want to be that one woke person but I rly can't help it. I honestly expected more since my friend circle is so hyped up about this film. While definitely the storytelling is masterful and gripping (besides the confusing 3rd act lmao), I feel so conflicted about the representation of lesbian sex in this movie.

    I've read all the articles about how it suppose to be subservient and satirical what not but still :/ the way this…

  • Chronicle of a Summer

    Chronicle of a Summer


    The most interesting thing about this film for me is upon the first watch, the audience of 1960s instantly examined the veracity of the so-called cinema verite and the interview, as well as the ethics of sharing itself, whereas today veracity and truth are merely a given - of course the interviewee is telling the truth, of course the scene is authentic because it's a documentary shot in the cinema verite style, and of course it is okay to make…

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  • Taris



    i love Jean Vigo and i love swimming and i love swimming and i love jean vigo

  • Mirante



    our window <3