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  • Museum



    Museo, the new film by Mexico’s latest great director, Alonso Ruizpalacios, once again offers a rumination on the country’s capital city through the eyes of people who have yet to grow up. However, this is no repeat of 'Güeros.' The subjects aren’t young adults or children but a pair of man boys in their 30s who think they can make $1 million by stealing some of the most precious artifacts from the giant Museum of Anthropology in "El D.F." They find themselves in over their heads when they come realize the goods are so valuable that no collector wants them.

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  • Run Lola Run

    Run Lola Run


    You'd think a 20-year-old indie film from Germany would have lost its mojo by now. But experiencing the quirky Run Lola Run all these years later remains satisfying if not truly thrilling. A mix of sci-fi, slapstick, and romance, the movie was director Tom Tykwer's third film and a breakout hit in 1998. Nothing he has done since has been as vital or influential. It's hard to think of any recent film from Germany that found similar crossover success...

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  • Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo: A Star Wars Story


    It took Ron Howard to direct the Star Wars movie I had hoped Rian Johnson would have delivered after Looper (Film Review: Looper smartens up sci-fi tropes to riveting effect). So far, as someone partial to science-fiction movies and the Star Wars saga, this writer has been able to chronicle an opinion on all of the movies since George Lucas signed over the franchise to producers at Disney. Oftentimes, these reviews have noted disappointments that have overshadowed hopeful expectations. Now,…

  • Mandy



    There is some kind of undeniable genius to Mandy, the new movie by Panos Cosmatos. The writer-director makes a much-anticipated return after an eight-year wait since his assured, stylish debut Beyond the Black Rainbow. This time, he has a star in the main role, Nicolas Cage, and a more straightforward narrative. Sure to bridge the divide between art house aficionados and action horror fanatics, you would be hard pressed to find a schlockier art film...

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