Exit Humanity ★★½

“Exit Humanity” runs right down the middle. I appreciate the story and multifaceted approach to the zombie universe (even if the opening scenes are painfully familiar and repetitive). On the flip side, the flick runs a bit too long (someone took George Romero’s quirk for lengthy movies) and will probably never reach the heights many zombie fans are looking for. Genre fans who are comfortable in the world of Westerns will probably find “Exit Humanity” worth a watch. I give props to John Geddes for stretching his budget to the max and delivering a decent feature film. “Exit Humanity” may not be at the top of my zombie movie list, but it certainly gives me hope for what Geddes can accomplish with future projects. Rent this flick and see if it works for you. A blind buy would probably upset many genre fans, but “Exit Humanity” will entertain those with tempered expectations and an open mind for historical era undead. Read the full review here...www.theaterthoughts.com/?p=3569