Red Scorpion ★★

Just under ten minutes into the movie, Lt. Nikolai Rachenko slams open a door and walks into a bar. He stands in the doorway as the crowd continues their activities. He then lets out a loud belch. This is “Red Scorpion.” When the movie tries to get in your face, it ends up disappointing. Dolph Lundgren, who is highly effective as a secondary character in films like “A View To Kill” and “Rocky IV,” has trouble commanding the screen for a movie that seems to struggle with pacing. Seeing M. Emmet Walsh is always nice, but there isn’t much his character can do to fix what is broken with “Red Scorpion.” Arrow Films has provided a solid option for fans looking to upgrade their older formats. Considering Synapse Films is working on what looks to be one heck of a “Red Scorpion” release, it may be best to hold off on a purchase from now. Those with an itchy trigger finger will be pleased with Arrow Films’ release, but may end up double dipping before the “Red Scorpion” revival is complete. Read the full review