Silent House ★★½

In an effort to add a little more realism to the onslaught of found footage movies, Directors Chris Kentis (whose “Open Water” is a flick I enjoyed greatly) and Laura Lau opted to give audiences a ‘real time’ experience. “Silent House” is one continuous shot that follows Sarah’s experience over the eighty five minute runtime. It is a great idea in concept, but ultimately becomes the downfall of the movie. The first half of the movie has some pacing issues and leaves viewers in the dark on the ‘whys’ and ‘whats’ in the plot. There is little opportunity for viewers to connect with characters leaving Sarah’s experience in the house void of the tension that makes a great horror movie. As the movie progressed, I tried to convince myself that this is a slow paced, old school horror flick similar to “The Woman In Black.” I really wanted to like the movie. It isn’t the throwback I hoped for and the payoff is force fed to viewers. After all is said and done, “Silent House” has a few jump scares, an inspired performance by Elizabeth Olsen and a creative hook that also serves as the bait to lure horror junkies into an average feature film. Read the full review