You're Next ★★★★½

“You’re Next” shows that horror is not dead. Every year there seems to be one or two films that stand head and shoulders above other titles – “You’re Next” may do that in 2011 AND 2012. Those at the Toronto International Film Festival and Fantastic Fest will see it this year and love the sharp writing and cool horror. The good news is that Lionsgate has picked up the film. Unfortunately, it won’t be released until 2012. “You’re Next” is definitely worth the wait. It is filled with good scares and solid performances from the entire cast. In the meantime, catch up with Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard by checking out “A Horrible Way To Die” or “Autoerotic.” These films should give a sneak peek into the style of this rising duo as well as some of the actors/actresses found in “You’re Next.” I am hoping the aforementioned titles will get me by until 2012 when I can hear the Dwight Tilley Band again….and again. The full review is