Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum ★★★½

A movie about a group of group of people making a livestream exploring a haunted asylum and ghosts happen.
This movie is told in found footage but don't worry the whole movie is not just the livestream.
A little bit different than the last time I watched it
The first like 40 minutes was boring like nothing scary happens,they just introduced the characters,the show and the asylum but man did it feel like it take it's time and wished it was more entertaining but when the scares started happening man oh man.
The ghosts and the ghost shit in this movie was scary AF bro like I went to myself holy shit that's scary AF bro.They really nailed it and they did a pretty fantasic use of the like live show/desktop format but seriously the ghosts dude like SHIEEETTTT,you know how like in The Exorcist people say the ideas and themes was the shining quality in the movie but this movie NAHHHHH,this movie has ghosts and you know how in a horror movie they sometimes must show the rules of the monster/ghost/killer to make them scarier but this movie NAHHHH,this movie has ghosts and they do spooky shit that is scary like for real.
I am overhyping this but it's good just the good stuff happens at like the 40 minute mark.
For real though ghosts.
Also watched it with roomates and after the movie ended they went to the bathroom together in our dorm cause they're both too afraid to piss alone.

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