Kevin, uh, Skywalker, yeah

Kevin, uh, Skywalker, yeah


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  • Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day

    Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day

    My fucking head is driving me nuts. Do you ever get your head like when it just won't shut up and it keeps talking to itself and, it's killing me since I started studying, and my dad, it's just yap yap yap. Fuck. What is that?

    More good crimes with the boys of Sunnyvale. Probably longer than it ought to be, though just as I starting thinking the story is being too static, it goes off the rails in hyper-Trailer…

  • Darkness


    The HBO app conked out with about 40 minutes left in DARKNESS. I should have taken it as a sign. Feels like a legitimate effort but literally nothing works. -1

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  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place

    While A QUIET PLACE is one of the more preposterous conceits Hollywood has pushed on us in recent history, I have to admit it's pretty watchable, thanks in no small part to it's 90 minute runtime. As goofy and nonsensical as everything is, the cast plays it so straight that I was able to buy in. It also earns good will by not trying to explain things, which is by far it's smartest choice.

    Ultimately, it's best feature is how fun it is to mock. Between the premise and its holes, the marriage of its stars and their past roles, it's almost too easy. +1/2

  • Tenet


    Pull quote: "... a uniquely masturbatory experience."

    Maybe I slept through the part that brings TENET all together, making it a modern masterpiece, but in my defense, how could I not? Much like INCEPTION, Nolan prioritizes his "brilliant" concept over trivial things like story and character.

    For maybe an hour, Nolan's absolute confidence in his own skill is amusing, and some of the action is pretty cool. Once the "twist" arrives, however, much of what remains becomes so clear that,…