The Hunt

The Hunt ★★★½

After chastising Rotten Tomatoes rating system in my review of HARPOON, it's serendipitous that my next film would be THE HUNT. Whereas the former gets an amazing score essentially for being *not bad*, the latter is penalized for addressing something important in a controversial way.

Much in the way the best war movies are anti-war, THE HUNT is an anti-politics-as-national-pastime movie. An anti-politics-as-a-defining-characteristic movie. Beneath the violence and the left and right wing caricatures, there is an urgent call for moderation. Not a political moderation, but a civil one.

The fact is THE HUNT is a pretty good flick. It could be funnier, and should either be tighter or deeper, however there is some fun action, crazy violence and over the top commentary that might make you laugh if not taken personally.

And then, there's Betty. I'm still not sure if Betty Gilpin is a good actor, but she's got an unpredictable energy that is fun to watch. She doesn't carry the movie so much as survive it, which is probably the right tone.

In the end, probably the worst thing you can say about THE HUNT is that it isn't good enough to truly make a dent in the conversation it wants to have, which also seems strangely on point. +1

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