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  • Round About Midnight

    Round About Midnight


    Japanese cinema of the 80s and 90s is often overlooked and goes underappreciated and this is no different, it has all the elements of a solid film. A neo noir set in Tokyo and drenched in Jazz, the story is very straightforward and feels like a noir video game with sudden quests popping up and then slowly revealing the plot with some chases, fights and action sequences in between all to the sweet sounds of the trumpet. Acting is very…

  • Revenge



    Another masterfully directed Imai Tadashi film from the 60s that is heavily critical of the samurai class and specifically the samurai code of honour, Bushido. Well directed, good soundtrack, great performance, great sword choreography, and a very impressive cinematography make this a complete package. What might hinder the film for some is the straightforward story but I see this as a positive, a relatively short story that is told in a very straightforward manner while remaining interesting due the presentation. The film is a mix of flashbacks and flashforwards for the firat part and the second is a path to the final fight of epic scale.

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  • The Most Terrible Time in My Life

    The Most Terrible Time in My Life


    The first installment in the Maiku Hama detective trilogy is a thrilling ride, from the opening scene we know this is not going to be a normal straightforward story, we start in a cinema showing Wyler’s The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) this is used sarcastically in the themes of the film and it’s also reflected in its title. “The Most Terrible Time in My Life” this couldn’t have been more true of the story of Maiku Hama, a…

  • Inland Empire

    Inland Empire


    *This is Mulholland Drive on cocaine.*
    Dropping all conventions of a normal narrative, Lynch has created a unique experience, it is a near flawless depiction of dreams within dreams within memories; Decades later we will still be dissecting and analyzing this film, not only it has an amazingly structured plot and narrative, it dives deep down into the core of the psyche and human relations to each other and to reality.
    Lynch is simply the Freud and Lacan of cinema.…