Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★

Technically this is a very good film but for me personally I did not connect with it on any level nor did I enjoy it. Again I say this is a very well made film, the cinematography is good looks very cinematic but I found it boring (not my taste but that did not detract from my experience), the soundtrack was okay too.
My problems with the film can be summed up into one bigger problem it's that I've seen this all before. There's no excitement in the story and I was just waiting for it to end, the same goes for most the characters, they're very stereotypical especially Fred, he was the typical revolutionary youth saying the same stuff over and over. I would have preferred if they based the film on his character instead of Lakeith's character. Lakeith did a marvellous job here and he's the best part of this film. Another example is the FBI, another copy paste from other films and they had to give him an excuse for his actions so he doesn't seem like a villain and gain our sympathy.
The rest of the characters are like trains on a track.

Overall a good film that's just not for me.

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