• The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

    The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring


    My first non dad incentivised watch of the extended cut and I gotta say those orks need to unionise asap

  • When Harry Met Sally...

    When Harry Met Sally...


    Tis the season for getting a crush on a balding slightly sexist man bc Billy Crystal is so damn charming

  • Past Lives

    Past Lives


    As someone who moved around a lot as a kid & teenager I often wonder about the versions of me that exist outside my control. But there’s only so much you can do to piece those versions yourself back together again without failing your current dreams and wants. 

    Will be rewatching, also the husband is gods strongest soldier bc I’d be vomiting throughout this whole ordeal.

  • The Family Stone

    The Family Stone


    Homie hopping is one thing but sibling hopping is crazy

  • Rear Window

    Rear Window


    Watching this after I’ve binged 5 seasons of criminal minds due to a foot injury made me realise how much cooler murder mysteries could actually be.

  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    *insert Danny Devito I get it now screencap*

  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner


    Harrison Ford looking less bored here than he is in Star Wars is so funny to me.

  • Talk to Me

    Talk to Me


    Fucking hell

  • Barbie



    Yeah dropped by half a star 

    Check out my review

  • The Long Goodbye

    The Long Goodbye


    He’s just a lil guy

  • Barbie



    I’m teetering between 3.5/4 (so I’m gonna go w 4 for now) but I think this is a marvel of a film. 

    Advert / feminism aside I think it’s admirable that greta and Noah retained so much of their voices / creative power. Is it selling out? Maybe? Maybe not? But I think Barbie will definitely change the approach to studio blockbusters considering this was the biggest opening day I’ve seen for a non supe film. 

    Also Ryan as ken? I told you lot he was perfect.

  • Joy Ride

    Joy Ride


    I genuinely cry laughed all my mascara off, please watch this