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  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    I really wish the filmmakers had enough confidence to stray away from the derivative horror score. Krasinski said an interview:

    “There was way more music that was delivered, for sure. But in my opinion, there’s a threshold that you can push people, and what I wanted to do is make sure that people had some familiarity with movies from before, so it didn’t feel like an experiment," he says. "I wanted people to feel a cinematic experience, which, the score…

  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One


    Real conversation I heard after I saw the movie;

    Teenage Girl: I can’t believe you like the movie. Have you ever seen a movie?

    Teenage Boy: what I’m nostalgic.

    Teenage Girl: You were basically masturbating during the whole movie.

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  • Middle of Nowhere

    Middle of Nowhere


    Mhmm, I found David Oyelowo so sexy in this movie.

  • Looking for Richard

    Looking for Richard


    Al Pacino is a Shakespeare-phile and the best part of this documentary is hearing everyone talk about Shakespeare. It is very fascinating to see a take on Shakespeare through an actor’s perspective. You see the method in action and fun interviews with various people waxing poetic about Shakespeare. But, they picked “Richard III”, apparently the most produced of all of Shakespeare’s plays. I personally find it boring and wished they picked something more interesting like “King Lear” but the real…