Minari ★★★★★

perchance, the best film of 2020.

the atmosphere of the entire film almost made me cry—very poignant and nostalgic—like for real, most probably because every character in this film has their own special way of impacting me; i can personally relate so well.

i love how this film painted a perfect picture of the relationship of david and his grandma. those scenes hit close to home. the authenticity of this film brings back genuine memories. my heart melted. it's really impossible to not admire this film.

the acting. there are no mediocre performances spotted throughout this film. the chemistry of steven yeun and han yeri is very ostensive. when their characters altercate, it feels like i was there; i can utterly feel the way they act. also, youn yuhjung's performance is my fave. she really never fails—canola, salut d'amour, and this. her acting makes me bawl my eyes out. she is stellar.

i want to rewatch this again and again. i hope this can sweep awards, and can get its well-deserved recognition soon. i highly recommend.

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