Crimes and Misdemeanors

Crimes and Misdemeanors ★★★★½

The story is well structured. It involves an affair where the two guilty parties are at odds with each other on what to do next. While that is happening we get a parallel story of a man (Woody Allen) trying to make it as a filmmaker. Just like the other storyline in this, the director is at odds with the film project he has taken on to appease his wife and his brother-in-law. The film does escalate into somewhat ridiculous territory but overall "Crimes and Misdemeanors" maintains a cool and rational perspective on the moral dilemmas we as humans often go through in life. And just like other Woody Allen movies, we get a decent dose of romance to go with it as well. It's worth checking out, especially for those looking for a movie classic that isn't too old (relatively speaking of course).