La Notte

La Notte ★★★★★

"La Notte" is a film about bourgeois love on the brink. We get a bit of love triangle play here but ultimately the third wheel to the couples' antics only serves as a foil for them. Michelangelo Antonioni outdoes himself in terms of direction and focus. He paints a portrait of well-off individuals that struggle to find their purpose and desires in life. Not only do they struggle to connect with each other but everyone else around them as well. Other films have done this sort of storyline before but "La Notte" is definitely a standout. Big topics like death come up, further adding to the discontent of our main characters. They each deal and come to terms with it in their own way despite the changing cultural landscape taking place before their eyes. The coldness of these characters is off-putting but it's hard to blame them since the feelings can be relatable to the viewer. We are almost fooled to think that there is no hope left for the couple. Things change though when the party scene kicks in during the second half of the film. The actress Monica Vitti deserves props for helping carry the film to greatness. Overall it's a great tale involving adultery and other such antics. Don't let the emotional games between the characters distract you from the other poetic aspects of this film though. Not much may seem like is happening but the camera work indicates otherwise. Reflections for example play an important aspect of this film. Top-notch visuals and perfect pacing in the end are what make this film a beast on its own despite the director's other stellar works overshadowing it. Don't overlook this one.

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