Mad Max 2 ★★★★

I will indeed give "Mad Max 2" points for creativity but "Fury Road" would later on take it to a whole new level. This film does serve as a very solid precursor to what's to come though and in that regard it's definitely worth watching. Costume and set design are quite impressive for its time but again "Fury Road" will come by and one up it. Even though I already feel like I'm comparing the two relentlessly I will at least say that "Mad Max 2" serves as a great companion piece to "Fury Road". What else is there to say? The "Mad Max" franchise is exactly what one would expect but the experimental and cinematic elements are what really make "Mad Max 2" and others really stand out. For those that are into action flicks, there is much to enjoy here since these films really helped raise the bar when it comes to pure entertainment. What I can appreciate about these films is that they don't shy away from there own rhythm and weirdness. This is most certainly the case for "Mad Max 2" and "Fury Road". Sometimes sickening but always engaging. It's great for casual and analytical viewing in equal amounts. Don't shy away from "The Road Warrior". My only problem is that I did find it drag in the middle a bit so perhaps a cup of coffee might be ideal when checking it out. It's still lots of fun though. The "Mad Max" series not only set the standard for action movies but sci-fi apocalypse settings as well. While grabbing inspiration from sci-fi novels and other films, "Mad Max 2" went for originality and its experimental nature ultimately nails it.

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