Naked ★★★★★

Summer is over and the weather is harsh. A random stream of words that popped in my head just now as I find a way to describe "Naked". Its portrayal of sexual violence and exploitation makes for a few uncomfortable moments but the film's portrayal of its wayward characters is deeply humanizing and frankly unforgettable. It makes the viewer have to look within themselves before they can even begin to judge the characters' negative actions and by then some might find themselves tripping over their own beliefs and morals. Needless to say this is some dark and twisted viewing material but "Naked"'s philosophical musings about life keeps the viewer engaged with the characters despite their faults. Our main character is arguably one of the least likeable characters in the film amusingly enough, well perhaps his rich asshole counter-part takes top prize for that one, but they are one in the same despite their differences in social class and that becomes very apparent as the film progresses. As he hobbles off away from a potential future with a former lover into an ambiguous self-destructive ending, I struggled to immediately decide how much I enjoyed this film by the ending credits. As I gave myself time though I noticed that this film will keep popping up in my head every once in awhile as I went throughout my days and weeks since watching this, already being given hints of its long-term impact on my subconscious mind. Which is probably the primary reason I am giving this a 5 star rating despite the triggering themes. Definitely not a film for everyone (especially younger audiences), but I think most adults would benefit in giving "Naked" a chance. Those that can identify certain family members, friends, acquaintances, or maybe even their former / current selves, as these various lower-companion-type of characters on screen, will especially find much to relate to here. "Naked" is definitely one of those 'for better or for worse' type of films (probably more for the worse in this case), but it is indeed the way some people think and behave in real life as well. We the viewer are granted a very interesting opportunity here to identify that and thus perhaps get a change in perception on how we treat ourselves and our relationships as a whole. I consider "Naked" essential viewing for most.