Paris, Texas ★★★★★

For starters, this has wonderful storytelling. The characters feel almost too real for their own good and the camerawork compliments their moods inextricably well. And given that this is Wim Wenders, he tells this story beautifully and artistically that will have hardcore film fans drooling. The runtime can be a bit long for some but if one sticks with it they can be assured it will all make sense by the end. We aren't given straightforward answers and that can be quite refreshing compared to what other movies are like today. So maybe it won't be for everyone but the emotions portrayed here can be something we all can identify with. Especially for those that know what it's like to confront your past. It might take sometime to dissect what is happening but that is part of the enjoyment of this film. It's not so often a film like this comes along that is different and unique. More casual filmgoers might be put off by it because they don't understand it. It requires one to dig deep to find the underlying message and meaning of "Paris, Texas". Probably best to not think too hard on it though, at least while you are watching it. The experience is more beneficial if one just tries to let themselves get swept away by the story and our mysterious main character. It's a great film to try and gain some empathy from. No special effects, no crazy action, just very good storytelling that has a lot of heart. Dialogue flows smoothly and the direction feels tight and well controlled. May look boring on the outside but there is so much more that meets the eye if one gives this a chance. In my opinion it deserves more recognition. It's a very humanistic film that is both beautiful and touching. It reminds us of the beauty of being alive even if we come from a past that is ugly and unkind.

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