Three Colors: Red

Three Colors: Red ★★★★★

Now this is art. The characters and the lives they live are portrayed in subtle beauty that is expressed not only through dialogue but through visuals as well. I have a hard time deciding whether I like "Red" or "Blue" more but they are definitely both well crafted and masterpieces in their own right. "Blue" may be more visually striking but "Red" does feel more immersive. I've only watched this once and I do feel like another rewatch will be highly beneficial when it comes to dissecting this film. Fortunately it is straightforward enough for viewers to enjoy it during their first outing. There are a lot of layers to this though and part of the joy is picking them apart and analyzing each one individually. Paying attention to the details is crucial and when it comes to that, this director and this film is on a whole other level. Reality may seem bleak for most at the moment, so may I suggest putting this film on to help one feel more hopeful that the goodness in some will ultimately prevail and overcome the difficulties and unkindness of life. The two main performances are also pretty great and deserve attention. Pacing does not feel rushed or sluggish as well, this film progresses in a mesmerizing rhythm. In conclusion, "Three Colors: Red" is essential viewing. Show it off to your art friends. Maybe even suggest it to some casual moviegoers as well. There is a lot to be gained and it would be a shame for someone to go through life without ever laying eyes on a film like this.

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